Ballet is a dancer’s best friend when it comes to gaining and maintaining technique. Our classes are given at an advanced level but welcome all ranges to attend. Be aware that classical ballet is based on a very traditional technique and vocabulary. There are different styles of classical ballet that are related to their areas of creation; French, Italian, or Russian methods. Our teachers come from various backgrounds and will teach a fusion of classical ballet techniques.


Jazz is an energetic dance form always honoring contemporary pop culture. It’s focused on syncopated rhythm and requires solid technique.  Our choreographers bring their own style, passion, and vitality to this immortal dance genre.


Our basics classes break down each genre to its raw form. Basic Hip-Hop is no exception. Here you can work on key movements to help you master our more advanced Hip-Hop classes. Knowing the basics, gives you a foundation to build upon.


Basic technique is a class designed for the beginning dancer who needs a solid foundation of strength before advancing on or the advanced dancer who needs to refine their strength. It focuses on the core values of technique that keep dancers at their most poised and balanced.


Contemporary dance is a blend for the technically trained dancer; some describe it as a release from both modern and jazz. Contemporary dance is unique to the choreographer you decide to take from. Within each class you are guaranteed an emotional release as much as a technical push of your abilities as a dancer.


Modern fusion is a class that blurs the lines between contemporary and modern dance. Except to get something different each time depending on the choreographer, but you can always find this class pushing the edge of the dance world. There is no right or wrong movement here. Anything is possible.


Hip-hop dance is always a direct result of the world’s hip-hop culture relating to their music, art, fashion, and expression. Hip-hop is a street style with a wide range but always representing self-expression. Come to each class, respecting yourself and those around you. Each choreographer brings their own force and their own voice to the table here. Be fierce.


A high energy, action packed dance class done in high heels! Heels will incorporate genres of pop, jazz, grooves and hip hop! This class can be done with or without heels and men and women are invited to take class! THIS CLASS IS RECOMMENDED FOR THOSE 18 + AND MINORS MUST RECEIVE PARENTAL CONSENT PRIOR TO TAKING THIS CLASS.Waacking is a form of dance created in the clubs of Los Angeles, originating from the 1970s disco era in Los Angeles, this dance is also composed by hip hop.Waacking consists of moving the arms to the music beat, typically in a movement of the arms over and behind the shoulder. Waacking also contains other elements such as posing and footwork. Waacking puts a strong emphasis on musicality and interpretation of the music and its rhythm.


This is Hip-Hop dancing with a more contemporary and lyrical flow. The smooth movements are just as critical as the hits. If you want to add more dynamic to your personal dancing, take this class.


Basic contemporary will aid in your basic technique. It will also help with transitions. In our advanced contemporary classes the transitions happen seamlessly and quickly. This class gives you a chance to slow down and connect the dots.


a style of dance incorporating elements of jazz, hip hop and grooves.


Improvisation is a tool dance artists can use in any genre of dance. This class will focus on the individual dancer and their personal movement voice. We want our dancers to be proud of themselves and their own talents and be able to create their own movement.


Stretching/Flexibility can teach dancers how to stretch properly to prevent injury. This class can also help to increase flexibility for dancers.


This class is specifically designed to help dancers perfect their turns. Ballet and jazz technique will be incorporated by the instructors to insure improvement on turns.

*Yoga For Dancers- Yoga is an ancient tradition that is practiced as a way to balance your life.  In this class, breath is utilized as a way to promote self- awareness, giving you the opportunity to understand healthy body alignment to support strength and flexibility.  Yoga is not about how far you touch your toes, but what you learn on the way down.

*Burlesque is a theatrical dance form that started in the Victorian Era.  There is a blend of risque’ wit used to develop this unique performance art.  In our class atmosphere we focus on gaining confidence by doing movements that incorporate props such as a chair, bar, or pole.  We want our dancers to deliver their most positive and fun burlesque attitude.

*Basic Ballroom- Basic Ballroom is derived from learning basic and advanced techniques and learning how to move your hips!  This class gives our dancers a chance to get our try something new with a zesty flare. NO PARTNER IS NEEDED FOR THIS CLASS!

*Dance Hall- Dancehall is movement characterized and formed with popular Jamaican Dancehall music.   It involves reggae roots with a heavy influence on thebadman movement. Class is recommended for those 18 + due to the nature of the movement and music, unless parental consent has been confirmed.

*Leaps- This class gives you the foundation to improve your leaps.  The instructors will focus on technique, strengthening, and flexibility to soar to the highest of heights.