For daily schedule updates and additions check our website, follow us on Twitter, check our schedule board in the front lobby or call us directly at (801) 364-0391. At sign-in you will be informed of any last minute substitutions. Class sign-in is done the day of class and in person at our front desk. Groups may pre-arrange classes.

  • Single Class
  • Single drop-in 1 hour class price.
  • $14
  • 3 Class Card
  • $12.33 per class. Exp. 90 days.
  • $37
  • 5 Class Card
  • $11.40 per class. Exp. 90 days.
  • $57
  • 10 Class Card
  • $11.00 per class. Exp. 90 days.
  • $110
  • 15 Class Card
  • $10.46 per class. Exp. 90 days.
  • $157
  • 20 Class Card
  • $10.00 per class. Exp. 90 days.
  • $200
  • Dance Pass
    40 Classes. $6.50 per class. Exp. 30 days.undefined
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