Millennium Dance Complex welcomes “the COMPANY” and “MDC CREW.” The new Junior Dance Companies launched last fall at Millennium Dance Complex. “the COMPANY,” “the ACADEMY” and “MDC CREW” are a catalyst for the restructuring and rebuilding of junior dance training not only for Millennium but the Salt Lake City area. The company and crew are designed for young dancers eager to improve their technique and performance abilities dramatically and become a sought after dancer in the industry.

We are seeking advanced male and female dancers, ages 11-18 for “the COMPANY,” and ALL AGES for “MDC CREW”. The companies will be set up the way professional adult companies are ran. Both companies require students to train daily, 7-11 hours per week, in a program tailor made for the needs of the company members. Students will have performance opportunities, participate in conventions, film concept videos with established choreographers, and other industry events. Finally, students will perform at the end of the season in Millenniums’ showcase and will join together with our LA Family at the Experience.

What are the benefits to joining the company? What’s the difference between “the COMPANY” and “MDC CREW?” “the COMPANY” members receive extensive training in multiple styles and techniques, which include Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz, Modern, Tap, Improv, Hip Hop and more. “MDC CREW” members receive extensive training in multiple forms of Hip Hop, which include House, Locking, Popping, Break Dancing, Grooves, Krump and Free Styling to name a few.

We strive not just for good dancers, but exceptional dancers!!! We provide accomplished choreographers, teachers and mentors to guide students through exceptional training. These instructors actively work and/or are connected to the performing arts and commercial industries; backed by the Millennium name, a company known for its excellence in the dance world.

Arts education ignites creativity, self-confidence and discipline that can lead to exceptional careers. Are you ready for the ultimate experience!!!

Meet the mentors

Ashlee Vilos

Ashlee Vilos

Director of ACADEMY
Jeffrey Louizia

Jeffrey Louizia

Director of the CREW

Crew requirements

If accepted to the Crew the contract is for one season, from August 2020 – July 2021. Students are required to participate in the end of the season showcase. There is an annual company fee and monthly tuition fee that covers the required classes per week. The tuition, also allows students to take additional regularly scheduled drop-in classes at no charge (does not include master classes or workshops). Rehearsals are Friday – Sunday. Please note, fees for uniforms /costumes, master classes, and choreography for performances, concept videos, convention and competition fees are separate from tuition. Members will re-audition every new season. Students have the option to participate in one or both companies.


          • Tuition: $250 a month (July & August $220)
          • Crew Admission fee ( once a year) : $150
          • Crew schedule: Monday’s 6-8 PM, Tuesday’s 5-7 PM, Thursday’s 5-7 PM

Kaboom CREW

          • Tuition: $50 a month
          • Company Admission fee (once a year): $75
          • Required number of weekly hours: Once a week
          • Drop in classes (not included in tuition): $10/class


  • Dates: June 30th & August 14th, 2020

    Don’t forget to bring your headshot! **Face Masks are Required**

  • Schedule

    Workshop schedule:

    6:00 PM Hip Hop

    7:00 PM Technique with Patrick

    8:00 PM Freestyle with Tonga

    $14 per class or all 3 for $37

    Tuesday, June 14th Audition schedule:

    Registration starts at 12:00 noon


    Please bring headshot to the audition. Registration fee is $50 per dancer.

    2nd Audition: Friday, August 14th

Registration Form. All Fields required