Jen Pendleton began her professional career as a company member of Odyssey Dance Theatre, based in Salt Lake City, Ut. She danced with Odyssey for 8 years, performing work by Mia Michaels, Dee Caspary, Mandy Moore, Roni Koresch, Jason Parsons, Liz Imperio, Bonnie Story, Alex Magno, and Tony Powell to name a few.  With Odyssey, she performed throughout the US, and was a part of 6 European tours, and had opportunities to create her own choreography in some of their shows.   She was also a part of a small group Jason Parsons took to Seoul, Korea to perform in the Korean arts festival.  She is a principle dancer in Justin Giles’ company, Soul Escape, has had opportunities to do choreography for the company and has assisted Justin Giles in his work on Fox’s t.v. show, ” So You Think You Can Dance”.   Her commercial work includes Legally Blonde II, High School Musical 3, ABC’s “Mistle Tones” Christmas movie, Ovation’s “A Chance To Dance” t.v series.  At home in Salt Lake City, Ut.  She has fallen in love with teaching and creating choreography.  She has taught at Universities, local dance studios, is a choreographer at Millennium Dance Complex in Salt Lake City, and travels the US to choreograph and teach as well.  She is also a certified STOTT pilates teacher.