Millennium Dance Complex welcomes “the COMPANY” and “MDC CREW.” The new Junior Dance Companies launched last fall at Millennium Dance Complex. “the COMPANY,” “the ACADEMY” and “MDC CREW” are a catalyst for the restructuring and rebuilding of junior dance training not only for Millennium but the Salt Lake City area. the COMPANY and CREW are designed for young dancers eager to improve their technique and performance abilities dramatically and become a sought after dancer in the industry.

We are seeking advanced male and female dancers, ages 11-18 for “the COMPANY,” and ALL AGES for “MDC CREW”. The companies will be set up the way professional adult companies are ran. Both companies require students to train daily, 7-11 hours per week, in a program tailor made for the needs of the company members. Students will have performance opportunities, participate in conventions, film concept videos with established choreographers, and other industry events. Finally, students will perform at the end of the season in Millenniums’ showcase and will join together with our LA Family at the Experience.

What are the benefits to joining the company? What’s the difference between “The COMPANY” and “MDC CREW”? “the COMPANY” members receive extensive training in multiple styles and techniques, which include Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz, Modern, Tap, Improv, Hip Hop and more. “MDC CREW” members receive extensive training in multiple forms of Hip Hop, which include House, Locking, Popping, Break Dancing, Grooves, Krump and Free Styling to name a few.

We strive not just for good dancers, but exceptional dancers!!! We provide accomplished choreographers, teachers and mentors to guide students through exceptional training. These instructors actively work and/or are connected to the performing arts and commercial industries; backed by the Millennium name, a company known for its excellence in the dance world.

Arts education ignites creativity, self-confidence and discipline that can lead to exceptional careers. Are you ready for the ultimate experience!!!

Meet Jeffrey Louizia

Born and raised in Boston, Jeffrey Louizia discovered his love for dance at Boston Arts Academy. Proficient in many styles of dance, Jeffrey has studied extensively in ballet, tap, modern jazz, modern, hip hop, krump as well as traditional Haitian Folk dance. He has studied with such dance masters as Dianne Walker of “Black & Blue”, Mark Morris, Bill T. Jones.and Mandy Moore He received his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Dance from Dean College. Mr. Louizia’s performances have taken him all across New England up and down the Eastern US seaboard, West Coast, and into Canada. His strong base in choreography has led him to choreograph for MC Hammer and direct for his family based dance company Arc en Ciel Dance Troupe Inc, a Haitian folkloric dance co. Jeffrey is also the Director and founder of Lovolution A worldwide movement where love and self worth are brought to awareness through dance. Since moving to Los Angeles he has been in many music videos and industrials including Sketchers, Black Eyed Peas “Rock Your Body,” Taio Cruz “Dirty Picture,” Ace Hood ft lil Wayne and rick ross “Hustle” and American Idol winner Alexandra Burke’s “Start Without You.” Jeffrey Louizia is currently dancing with Odyssey dance theater performing productions thriller and Romeo and Juliet, in salt lake city Utah and touring Europe. He is also a featured Dancer in the movie dear dumb diary also the hip hop director at the pointe dance school in Alpine Utah. Jeffrey Louizia loves to teach, motivate and inspire as well as being inspired by all who share and do not share his love for dance. He truly believes that in being your true self and living to your fullest you must walk in love.